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Vaginal Rejuvenation Specialist


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As women age, the vaginal walls can become thin and dry, resulting in painful intercourse and other issues. Dr. Eshaghian helps women in and around Encino and Van Nuys, California including Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, and the Studio City, California area to restore vaginal tissues, reducing dryness and improving sexual pleasure for both partners.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Q & A

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

As women approach menopause, the tissues of the vagina can become dry and thin, resulting in pain during intercourse as well as an increased risk for infections and urinary incontinence. Vaginal rejuvenation uses special procedures designed to help restore the tissue of the vaginal wall, stimulating natural lubrication and improving tissue thickness for better health and more enjoyable sexual activity. Some types of vaginal rejuvenation procedures can also help address aesthetic issues that can occur, especially in women who have had vaginal childbirth.

How is Vaginal Rejuvenation Performed?

Today, there are several approaches used to help address vaginal atrophy and restore the tissues of the vaginal canal and the surrounding areas. Some techniques use laser energy to stimulate the production of collagen inside the vaginal canal, helping to build up tissues while restoring lubrication and elasticity. Laser energy is delivered to the vaginal tissues using a special wand designed to be inserted into the vaginal opening. Similar techniques use radiofrequency energy to restore the tissues. Injectable techniques and minimally-invasive surgeries can also be used to address issues like vaginal dryness or to improve the aesthetics of the vagina and the labia. Some women opt for multiple approaches to achieve a complete rejuvenation of the genital area. Most vaginal rejuvenation techniques including those using lasers are completed as outpatient procedures right in our office and take under a half hour to perform.

How Can I Tell if Vaginal Rejuvenation is Right For Me?

The best way to know if vaginal rejuvenation can help you address your specific concerns is to schedule a consultation appointment. During the visit, you'll have a chance to discuss your concerns, including functional and aesthetic issues, and you'll have an examination so we can determine the best techniques for your specific needs. Vaginal rejuvenation has become increasingly popular in recent years, and today, there are more options than ever to help women feel more confident and more comfortable.

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