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Having a C-section can be an essential step in ensuring a healthy delivery for both you and your baby. As a top-ranked OB/GYN in and around Encino and Van Nuys, California including Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, and Studio City, California, Dr. Eshaghian is a leading provider of C-sections for women who may not be good candidates for vaginal deliveries.

C-section Q & A

What is a C-section?

Also called cesarean delivery, a C-section uses an incision through the abdomen wall and into the uterus to remove a baby that cannot be delivered vaginally. Some C-sections are performed on an emergency basis when labor is not progressing or when it becomes apparent during delivery that a vaginal delivery is not possible, while other C-sections are planned in advance of the due date.

Why is a C-section performed?

C-sections may be performed if the baby is not in an ideal position for vaginal delivery, if multiple babies are being delivered, if the mother has an active STD, if the baby is too large to pass easily through the birth canal or in other instances where a vaginal delivery is not possible or not recommended.

How is a C-section Performed?

Most C-sections are performed using an epidural or spinal block to numb the area from the waist down. The incision is made across the belly and the baby is removed from the uterus, then the placenta is removed. The incision is closed using staples or, in some cases, sutures, and a special bandage will be applied to protect the area.

What is the Recovery Process Like?

Most women can return home within three to four days following delivery of the baby. Healing will take about a month, and strenuous activities may need to be avoided for a longer period of time to enable the muscles and other tissues to fully heal. You may need pain medication to help relieve discomfort for a week or so, and you'll also need to wear pads to control vaginal bleeding. Tampons should not be used.

Will I Need to Have Help Once I Get Home?

Yes, you'll need to rest during your recovery period, and you should have help with the housework, laundry, cooking, shopping, and other household tasks. You'll also need someone to drive during your initial stages of recovery, and depending on the amount of discomfort you experience, you may need some help caring for your baby.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At DROBG, we accept most major insurance plans. We accept all EPO/PPO plans and most HMO plans. Here is a short-list of just some of the most popular plans we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

Anthem Blue Cross
Family PACT
Health Net
LA Care

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    "Dr. Michael Eshaghian is the best!! He delivered my baby with greatest joy! He is very patience and helpful he walked is through the whole process."

    Joshua A.
  • Yelp

    "We have had a great experience with Dr. Eshaghian. He is very patient with our questions and has put us at ease throughout our pregnancy. Highly recommended!"

    Jason O.
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    "Dr Michael Eshaghian is the best Dr I have ever had. He is smart knows what he is talking about and gets the job done."

    Christina W.
  • Yelp

    "Dr. Michael Eshaghian is the best!! He delivered my baby with the greatest joy! He is very patient and helpful."

    Joshua A.
  • "Dr. Eshaghian is so amazing! I would give him a thousand stars if I could! His office is such a professional, clean, and comforting environment."

    Lola S.
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